Get Scouted


We are always seeking new faces.  Models both male and female from age from 13 -35 We are also seeking plus size models.  Height requirements for Female: 5' 7" without heels and over

Male: 5' 11' and over

If there's an interest we will contact you by email or phone.  Follow strict guidelines list below for submissions.  Please do not call or DM asking about your application.  If there's an interest we will receive a call from one of our team members.


We only respond if we are interested.  Please follow the guidelines below:

1.    Head shot straight on
2.    Full length body shot
3.    Shot straight 3/4 in size
4.    Head-shot profiles
5.    Do not pose
6.    Shoot with a plain, simple background behind you
7.    Wear a swimsuit
8.    Digital photos are best
9.    Keep your hair pulled back
10.  Do not upload large photo files. Be as natural as possible - NO MAKE UP!!!
11.  Make sure to include all your statistics including, age, birth date, height and measurements


No open calls only online submissions at this time.